Deep Listening


Deep Listening

Is Anyone Truly Listening To You?

 Deep Listening is so powerful that hearts can be melted!

This is one of the aspects of life that many of us desire the most, to be truly listened to. 

In our busy world we may feel that there is not enough time to stop and listen to one another completely. Perhaps we feel that life has left us behind in one way or another, or that we lack connection to ourselves and others. The ability and willingness to look deeply into the eyes of our fellow human beings and know that they are our brothers and sisters has lost some ground in today's society. 

One of the most valuable things I offer to you is deep listening. 

I am available to listen to you. And can teach you to become more patient and present in you own listening skills.         Silence is a powerful space. Listening to our own inner dialogue with no judgement supports us in truly hearing what others have to say. As we deepen our connection to each other like this, compassionate understanding arises and we come to know the profundity of Deep Listening. 

In doing this work we discover how we can heal ourselves.


Confidence is paramount. 

Clear communication is a blessing. 

You are perfect just as you are. 

Feel free to share and heal. 

An Open Heart of Compassion is the way.

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