Don Andrade

Greetings, my name is Don Andrade. I am a chef, sculptor and teacher and Bladesmith.    I have a real joy and interest for the healing arts, and have studied with many teachers learning meditation and mindfulness training.  Over the years I've developed a perspective about how to live that can be shared and is a value to others.My background as a professionally trained chef and teacher are only a part of my foundational beginnings. 

Relating to others in a compassionate and loving way has become a joy. Even more so, teaching what I know and learning what others have experienced along the way bring insights that heal universally. Discovering what has worked and what has not, as each of us take different paths toward achieving balance and healing creates insights that make a more complete picture of community and oneness. Inspiring people to apply the principals that work for them creates a more peaceful and introspective path of awareness, acceptance and action.

Culinary arts and healing through nutrition is a fantastic world of infinite possibility. I have studied nutrition and am professionally trained as a chef. Over the years I have evolved my understanding of foods and how they sustain us. Everybody is different, every person has their relationship with food that is unique. The experiences I have in teaching how to heal with food has been valuable. I enjoy guiding individuals and groups in establishing a path of wellness via diet and mindful understanding of culinary practices. Once we learn to eat the proper diet and maintain a mindful approach to life, our health and vitality are greatly improve.

Mindfulness practice is another area that I have engaged in through the teaching of art and sculpture at Cuesta Community College (1999-2004), the California Sculptors Symposium (2003-2004), and via the conceptualization and creation of the 29 Palms Creative Center and Gallery (2003-2007). In teaching both adult and young students I have enjoyed applying the power of presence via the visual-arts. What was discovered, is that many students have made significant connections and understandings about what is most meaningful to them through this creative process. It was also, of course, a willingness on their part to see that it was not only a sculpture or a painting that they were making, but that they were actively engaging in a form of self-discovery, taping into a deeper sense of life through creativity. 

My personal art practices continually evolve as a holistic approach of meditation and mindfulness practice, Qigong and the manifestation of spiritual art objects and music. Learning to live life in highest potential means so many things to me personally. To live life in highest potential today supports an increases ability to move through each day with grace and flexibility and to see clearly the results of this expended energy. Life is a heart felt blessing when I interact with others and share what I have to offer, the person that I am  - without changing a thing.

Ginger was established to aid fellow human beings towards living life in their highest potential. I thank you for your time and interest in Life Path Counseling. Discovering a healthier person within through the journey of presents is a grand gift in this lifetime. 

That which you seek is within you.

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